The Madeira - Archipelago LP - Gold Vinyl (Best of, Surf Rock, Exotica, House of Tabu)

The Madeira - Archipelago LP - Gold Vinyl (Best of, Surf Rock, Exotica, House of Tabu)

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Surf music born of screaming wind over the dunes of the Sahara Desert, deafening echoes of waves pounding the Gibraltar Rock, joyous late-night gypsy dances in the small towns of Andalucia, and exotic cacophony of the Marrakesh town square – It is the sound of the millennia-old Mediterranean mysteries.

Forming in 2004 in Indianapolis, Indiana, The Madeira features Ivan Pongracic on lead guitar, the founder of the 1990s surf music icons the Space Cossacks; Patrick O'Connor on rhythm guitar, the founder of the Indy space-surf mavens Destination: Earth!, Dane Carter on drums, and Todd Fortier on bass.

Since their formation, they have become known worldwide for their original tracks and their stylish and powerful stage performance. At times credited with being at the forefront of the surf revival, The Madeira paved a path with their own sound while staying true to surf’s beginnings. They have achieved a cult status and are arguably one of the best modern surf bands, forging their own distinct style and sound. Featured in Guitar Player and Vintage Guitar magazines, the noted quartet sound as fresh as they did in 2004 and their catalog continues to amaze fans and new devotees alike.

Tabu Recordings has partnered with Double Crown Records for the special vinyl release Archipelago: The Best of The Madeira. This epic release gathers the absolute finest and most powerful recordings by The Madeira from their previous four acclaimed full-length CDs, selected by the band themselves.