Tales from the Lodge

Temple of the Shark God

featuring El Sereno

Published in Bachelor Pad Magazine #40, Summer 2017

On a desperate rescue mission, Mexican wrestler Sereno finds himself entrapped by the slaves of an evil tiki god!


Hell Camino

featuring Rev. Holyoak

Published in Bachelor Pad Magazine #45, Fall 2018

The Rev. is on a mission, but Hell is pulling out all its most attractive stops to slow him down!


Outing to Nowhere

featuring Rev. Holyoak and the B.F.M.

Published in Gnarly Magazine, #6-7, Fall 2018 & Winter 2019

The Rev. teams up with lady wrestler the Blunt Force Mama to fight dark, cosmic forces in a place that cannot exist!


El Sereno Conquers the Martians

featuring El Sereno

Published in Bachelor Pad Magazine #46, Winter 2018

The American President recruits Sereno to stop a diabolic Soviet plan to pervert and destroy Christmas!


The Muse

featuring Nick Caruso of Lodge 336 Terre Haute

Published in Bachelor Pad Magazine #47, Spring 2019

It's a different kind of action when Nick gets a guitar lesson he'll never forget!


Master of the Mojave

featuring Willy Freedman

Published in Gnarly Magazine #8, Spring 2019

A young man joins a wanderer in the desert and finds more than expected in a desolate town.


Cult of the Shark God

featuring El Sereno

Published in Worlds of Strangeness #3, April 2019

El Sereno investigates a supernatural evil hiding behind a surf rock group in Rehoboth Beach, whose arrival seems to coincide with the Great Atlantic Storm of '62.


This Bender Earth

featuring Glatoo and Lodge 118 Gallup

Published in Worlds of Strangeness #3, April 2019

A visitor from another world makes first contact with a Silver Sabremen Lodge in New Mexico.


Tiger of Fihranistan

featuring El Sereno

Published in Bachelor Pad Magazine #48, Summer 2019

Sereno travels to the Middle East to fight a revolution seeking to overthrow the rightful government - a revolution backed by black magic!


The Pterodactyl Riders

featuring El Sereno

Published in Bachelor Pad Magazine #50, Winter 2019

When his plane crashes in the jungle, Sereno must work with a mysterious tribe of women to get home by Christmas.


Fire in My Head Blues

featuring Rev. Holyoak

Published in Downbeat Drag Vol 1, #6-7, 2019

The Rev. confronts an undead blues singer in a tiny Tennessee town.


The Bells of St. Toad's

featuring Willy Freedman

Published in Smut Butt Magazine Presents Freaky Fiction Vol 2, 2019

Willy gets more than expected when he goes after the Wifebeaters, a gang of vicious women bikers. 


It's Cold Outside

featuring June Hart

Published in Night Owl Magazine #12, 2019

Movie star June has a surprise for her boyfriend under the tree - and a pistol in her garter. The war might be cold, but the action is hot!


Black Magic in a Slinky Dress

featuring Rock Brennan

Published in Bachelor Pad Magazine #51, Spring 2020

Paranormal detective Rock Brennan gets in over his head when a gorgeous brunette has him steal a magic ring from her husband. 


Ghost Town

featuring Rev. Holyoak 

Published in Pulp Modern Vol 2 #5, Summer 2020

Tracking a girl's disappearance in Arizona, Rev. Holyoak comes face to face with an old evil that won't die and has his first encounter with the ancient order dedicated to wiping it out.