CAVEMAN Submissions

If you would like to submit content for CAVEMAN Magazine, or have a book proposal for the CAVEMAN ADVENTURE LIBRARY paperback line, please email

Current Magazine Submission Calls:

The Nylon Oasis - open through April 1st 2023

Looking for 50s-style repressed perversion! From the tip of the toes to the top of the hose, send us your most "Bizarre" fantasias, pony-drawn wagons, and golly-gee-what-will-the-little-woman-think kinks!

Satanic Panic! - open though July 1st 2023

Our annual trick or treat gets an 80s/90s makeover! We want to see your b-movie scream queens, heavy metal fantasies, and big haired, blasphemous nightmares!


We recommend reading some of our issues or published books to get a feel for what we are looking for. If other "retro" mags are standard rockabilly bands, we're over here being the Cramps! Our slogan, "Girls! Cars! Monsters! Booze!" is a good clue to our overall vibe.

Generally we want to see previously unpublished work, and accept pinup-style photography (all genres), comics, short fiction, car stuff, and art. We do not publish band reviews but if you feel you are up to recreating a band's "experience" in a motionless, 2D format you are welcome to try. Anything else you can ask and see if we think it's a fit!

We are fine with R-Rated submissions. Nudity in photos is allowed but not required, except for the Cavemate pictorial. Please be aware that Cavemates are typically invited to the role, and their shoots are planned far in advance. We like working with people we know, so getting a supporting set in is often a great place to start.

All forms of adventure fiction are published in the paperback line but as we currently only publish 4 titles a year we are very selective so knock our socks off!