Exotica Moderne #21, 2023 (Tiki, House of Tabu)

Exotica Moderne #21, 2023 (Tiki, House of Tabu)

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Cool tiki and cocktail culture mag. Limited print run.

Michigan-based artist Kyle Raetz graces this issue’s cover and inside you’ll find another round of Tiki articles, music reviews, tasty food and cocktail recipes and more!

We start by taking road trip though Georgia, conducted by Ethan Riley as he visits four Southern Tiki destinations. Scott Feinblatt also travels to Spike’s Breezeway where he discusses the genesis of Spike’s Youtube show and his musical career.

We’ve all heard the story of how the Mai Tai came to be called the Mai Tai, but how much do you really know about Carrie Guild, the woman who coined the name? David Bartell offers a small glimpse into Guild’s life.

Both Ray Wyland and Tony Manfetano explore non-alcoholic Tiki drinks for those wondering about going alcohol-free while maintaining a Tiki lifestyle, and Tiki Lindy explores the French/Polynesian connection with new recipes in Tiki Tidbits.

We’ve a wave of surf music hitting the pages with an in-depth interview with Lords of Atlantis and pictorial of Tiki Underground’s first Tiki Underground Tidal Wave Surf Fest.

“Tiki Tom” Duncan sets the way back dial to 1967 with a visit to Hawaii Kai, in the Winter Garden Theatre Building in New York City.

If life is all about the journey, the home Tiki bar of Jim and Cathrin Finney is quite the journey. The pair have taken a methodical and curated approach to building their mid-century styled Tiki bar called The Stardust Tiki Lounge.

Tiki Tom-Tom discusses the new event, Tiki-A-Go-Go with organizers Mary and Jason Wescoat, Jenna Smith, and José Villasana in advance of the April 5th through 7th dates in Orlando. (From the Publisher.)