CAVEMAN Magazine #10, Spring 2023

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Yeehaw! Issue 10 is our tribute to the Wild West! A Rootin' Tootin' Rodeo! On the cover and 3-panel centerfold is Spring Cavemate, Lola Demure, our most wanted outlaw (photographed by Scott Evanskey)! DeeDee Cupcake (also by Scott Evanskey) and Abby Dandy (shot by Curtis Walker) head up the posse as lawmen you won't mind turning yourself in to! Watch out for Terra Jackson - she'll steal more than your heart (photographed by Mitzi Valenzuela) - and SaraPain, in the flesh and in a very small pair of daisy dukes (photographed by Joe Miglionico)! We see the terror of a jealous cactus, the continued adventures of Willy Freedman in "Doc" Clancy's latest Tales from the Lodge story (illustrated by Caitlin Walton), J. Rocky Colavito's latest Buck Neighkyd installment (illustrated by Misha Mayr), cartoons new and old, a rare, 1970s, full-page photo by the late, great Ron Vogel, a sicko monster back cover by Doug Mac, and a look at an early Russ Meyer farce - plus more!