CAVEMAN Magazine #8, Fall 2022

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Join us at the Forbidden Island, and be tempted by our Fall Cavemate, the inimitable and mysterious Miss Spent Youth (photographed by Scott Evanskey) on our glorious cover and 3-panel centerfold! Thrill to comics old and new by Dick Briefer, Eric Rivera (with Jorge Juarez), Gene Bilbrew, and Carlos Carrillo! Learn from the Bride herself, as portrayed by Lola Demure, that the dead do indeed drive fast (photographed by Scott Evanskey)! Explore the secrets of the Tiki-Ti bar in Los Angeles! Plus the beginning of a new set of Buck Neighkyd "loops" from J. Rocky Colavito (illustrated by Misha Mayr), the continuation of "Doc" Clancy's latest Tales from the Lodge story, classic cartoons, and more!