G. I. Combat Readers Giant #2 B&W (Gwandanaland)

G. I. Combat Readers Giant #2 B&W (Gwandanaland)

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It's the rattle of gunfire, the explosion of grenades, the shouts of orders, and the screams of the wounded - the drama of war in all its terrible excitement. G.I. Combat ran for over 35 years, for 288 thrill-packed issues. The comic itself outlasted multiple cars, telling the tales of bravery and danger month after month. The series was started at Quality Comics before moving to another publisher - Gwandanaland is proud to bring the Quality Comics series to you, a testament to not only the brave men and women who fought for what they believed in, but the tenacity of the comic series itself!

This book contains the complete stories from issues #1-16 with Reed Crandall artwork in the first eight issues!

This is an economical black & white version of our great collection. -from the Publisher